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  1. Exterior Cosmetics
    Hey whats up. I don't know if anybody else is having this problem but right underneath the hatch window on my 2001 Cougar it is rusting. The whole bottom of the window seems to move when closing the hatch which would explain how the rust got there. I tried pushing on the window a little to get...
  2. Interior Cosmetics
    I was wondering if anyone knew if you could easily(ish) take off a '99 or '00 cougar steering and replace it with a '01 or '02? Any information is appreciated.
  3. Videos & Pictures
    I bought my '01 Cougar back in march of '08. I should have joined this site sooner..but better than never, right? This is it before any modifications... and these are pics of it to this day... 17 " Konig Unknown Wheels, Kumho Ecsta tires Magnaflow Perfomance Exhaust System...
  4. FS: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    Hey everyone... I've got an OEM CD Player/AM/FM/Cassette unit (or 2 if the gf still has hers) that I'm looking to sell... Works perfect, looks perfect.... pm me with offers or questions... or email me at [email protected] Thanks Max
  5. WTB: Automotive Parts & Accessories
    hey people. I need a lot of parts for my car but i can't seem to find anything on any website. I am in need of a headlight for my 2001 Cougar. does anyone know where I can go???
  6. My 2001 Cougar

    Pics of my 2001 Cougar after Spider Vinyls were applied.
  7. My 2001 Cougar

    Pic of new Window Decal.
  8. My 2001 Cougar

    Pic last fall of car after putting stock rims back on for Winter driving...I like my 18's better, but they suck on snow!
  9. My 2001 Cougar

    Pics of Cougar with 18" Milanni Rims.
  10. My 2001 Cougar

    Picture It Photo of Car...just had som fun with it.
  11. My 2001 Cougar

    Pics of my 2001 Cougar after Spider Vinyls were applied.
1-11 of 11 Results