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    my child
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  3. My girls. <3

    My girls. <3

    My 2000 cougar (black) and my parts 1999 cougar (red one) after a nice refreshing bath.
  4. What is the proper procedure for checking ATF level on 2000 Cougar

    Having a slippage probelm with 2000 Cougar V6 auto. What is the proper procedure for accurately checking ATF fluiud level? With engine running in park, fluid level appears low. With engine off, fluid level appears normal. Both checked with fluid warm.
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    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2000 Mercury Cougar V6 MTX like two weeks ago and I just joined this forum yesterday. Anyways I bought the car for $3,500 CDN and it has 157,000KM on it. It has leather, A/C, all power options, new brakes, new tires, new spark plugs, and new E-brake. They used...