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Important announcements about NECO will be posted here by Administrators.
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New Member Introductions

New to NECO and the "New Edge" Cougar? Check in here first!
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NECO branded merchandise pre/post sale questions.
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General Info

General questions and comments relating to the Cougar that don't fit into other categories.
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Problem with your Cougar? Check here first!
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Garage Talk

Non-Cougar automotive discussion, pictures & videos.
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Road Tales

Have a "kill story" or perhaps just want to ramble about something that happened to you when driving? Post it here!
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Videos & Pictures

Cougar-related pictures and videos.
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Vendor Deals

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Need to customize or repair your Mercury Cougar? Check out our selection of parts and accessories at, or give us a call at 800.505.3274 for professional advice.
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Tuning & Calibration

Want to know or know something and wish to share concerning engine tuning & calibration, post it here.
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3.0L DURATEC Performance

Information regarding the 3.0 Duratec V6 engine & swap process.
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2.5L DURATEC Performance

Information regarding the 2.5 Duratec V6 Engine.
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2.0L ZETEC Performance

Information regarding the 2.0 Zetec four cylinder engine.
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Forced Induction

Turbos, supercharger, and Nitrous discussion and questions.
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Transmission Performance

MTX-75 and CD4E transmission information.
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Suspension Performance

Springs, struts, coilovers, sway bars, and suspension tuning.
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Wheels,Tires & Brakes

Wheels, tires and brakes questions and information. Sponsored by Discount Tire
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Exterior Cosmetics

Bodykits, lighting, spoilers, tint, etc.
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Interior Cosmetics

Seats, carpet, pedals, etc.
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Car Care

Washing, waxing, claybar - overall detailing information.
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Audio & Electrical

In-car audio/video, gauges, lighting, etc.
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How To's

Do it yourself modification and maintenance tips and tutorials.
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Group Buys

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Transaction Feedback

Tell us about your transactions and check to see who not to buy from. If you can only see this forum then you need to resolve a transaction.
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For Sale

Make sure you place the cars/parts/non-car related items in the appropriate sub-forum.
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Want To Buy

Make sure you place the cars/parts/non-car related items in the appropriate sub-forum.
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Discuss all things "CougarFest" here.
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Car Shows & Events

Discuss car shows & events here.
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Discuss autocross events here.
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Drag Strip

Discuss drag strip events here.
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Chapter Info & Bylaws

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4 Corners NECO

Encompassing AZ, CO, NM and UT
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Capital NECO

Encompassing VA, MD and DE
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Carolina NECO

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Eastern Canada NECO

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Gotham City NECO

Encompassing all of NY State and NJ
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Encompassing the UK and Western Europe
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Gateway NECO

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Hoosier NECO

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Keystone NECO

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Land Of Lincoln NECO

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Tornado Alley & LoneStar NECO

Encompassing TX, LA, MS, AL, AR and FL
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New England NECO

Encompassing MA, VT, ME, CT and RI
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Midwest NECO

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Minnesota NECO

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Motor Cities NECO

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Pacific NECO

Encompassing CA, OR and WA
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Ontario NECO

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Tidewater NECO

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Wisconsin NECO

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