I'm going to CougarFest this year and well, my white cougar's running and the tires are on the rims, but:

Struts & strut mounts are completely gone - I'm going to be at BAT in Sarasota at 9am tomorrow to pick up new ones and "messenger" them to the shop in Fort Myers that will install them.

My problem is I'm not sure I can make an intense 1,186 mile drive and do anything once I get to CougarFest. So, I may decide to give up & fly .

I'd prefer to find a co-driver from FL or GA.

That way I'd be able to relax part of the trip, and be good for something at it's end. Also, I REALLY want to bring my white coug up this year... It's almost the way I want it, and I want to get input from everyone (and do a little showing off, too).

It's about a 19 hour drive from Fort Myers, FL to Fest; I'll be leaving Fort Myers on Wednesday, July 22, evening and I'd want to stop somewhere like a "Super 8" for a short night. I'd expect to get to CougarFest about 28 - 29 hours after leaving Fort Myers, late Thursday or early Friday. I'll pay for fuel for the car and for both drivers on the way up and back. I have 2 motel reservations for the trip south: Lexington, KY on Sunday night and Macon, GA on Monday night. At CF I can offer floor crash space.

If you're able to help, please text to 239 410 2318.