Wheel bearing or replace whole axle.hub assembly?
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Thread: Wheel bearing or replace whole axle.hub assembly?

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    Wheel bearing or replace whole axle.hub assembly?

    Which would be easier to do? Simply remove the knuckle and have the bearing pressed in?

    or knock out the axel and replace the entire assembly? Hub, knuckle & CV?
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    Re: Wheel bearing or replace whole axle.hub assembly?

    I'm assuming your talking front knuckle assembly.

    its going to be easier [if not cheaper] to pull the knuckle and take it to a shop to have a new bearing pressed in
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    Re: Wheel bearing or replace whole axle.hub assembly?

    It's not easier or harder to do either.

    When you buy a hub from FORD they come with the bearing already pressed in.

    Just pull off your hub and go talk to a mechanic at FORD. If you have a friend who works there even better , I got a brand new OEM bearing from FORD pressed in for 20 dollars canadian, that's WITH the bearing too. (like a 3 dollars american right? LOL)

    It takes aprox 10 min from handing it to the mechanic to receiving it back into your hands.

    The HARDEST part... is actually getting to your destination where they will be pressing in your bearing...
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    Re: Wheel bearing or replace whole axle.hub assembly?

    I would just replace the bearing i replaced one of mine a while back its not that hard. You just have to bring it to a shop to do the pressing then go back home and put it back togeather. I believe some aftermarket bearings have lifetime warrantys but i could be wrong. I guess it just depends on how cheap a new knuckle from ford was if it were 30-50 bucks i would get the new knuckle anything more and i would just get the new bearings.
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