What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?
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Thread: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

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    Unhappy What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    It's so weird because I drove to work, and my car was running fine, and Mrs. Pat and I drove to CVS by my work, and it worked fine, but when I was trying to leave work that day it wouldn't crank, or be jumped, so I thought that it was my starter. I'm so sad that I won't ever beable to drive my car again. :'(

    I'm so glad thought that I'm going to be getting a new car soon! *Thanks God*

    Does anyone know of how my engine could be locked up? or what causes it to lock up?

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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    Your post is too vague to answer. For starters, it needs to be determined that your engine DID "lock up". There are many reasons for a "no crank, no start" condition, and many of them do not mean your engine is "locked up".

    More info please.
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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    if your engine is locked up. It wouldnt turn over.

    Pop your hood and see if when you crank the engine if the belts move.
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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    It's in the shop, and the mechanic said none of the belts will turn, it won't crack, nothing. He said it won't even turn with a wrench.

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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    How's the oil level?
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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    Better be a reputable shop.... or lube it up....

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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    I am by no way a mechanic, but I did blow an engine when I was 16 because I had no oil in my car. From my understanding the lack of oil causes heat. Heat causes the cyinders to expand. They then get stuck therefore it "locks up." If you have ever seen the motor oil commercial where they run engines w/o motor oil and they suddenly stop...the engine is "locked up" or blown. So like mentioned check what you oil level is. If you have burnt oil on you dipstick, I would say that was your problem, but like I first mentioned, I am not a mechanic, just trying to help.

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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    maybe you blew your engine?

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    Re: What Makes Your Engine Lock Up?

    Maybe you should learn todo regular maintenance on your car

    Oil - every 3K (2.5 if you drive hard) (i run semi-synth)
    Brakes & Rotors- As needed (checked bi-annually)
    Plugs & Wires - Meh, lets say every 50K
    Tires - Duh...
    Filters - Once a year
    Wipers - Set for winter, set for summer

    Wash - WEEKLY

    I follow this pretty much to the 'T' and have had no issues with the car aside from ONE alternator issue and one IACV issue
    Not really doing mods anymore unless they are local, sorry folks

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