Alarm keeps going off
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Thread: Alarm keeps going off

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    Alarm keeps going off

    I've been reading the solutions on this board for a couple of years, always great advice....thank you. Searched on this one a few times but have never seen it mentioned. I'm not very car savvy, but have a 2000 Mercury Cougar that I bought new in 1999. My alarm started going off at random - while I was driving even - like I was in a parade or something. Anyway, I didn't want to pay Ford $90 just to take a look at it so I pulled the fuse and have lived without my power locks and remote entry ever since. Before I give in and pay Ford, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm embarrassed to say how long I've lived with it as is...


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    RE: Alarm keeps going off

    my alarm does the same thing, itll just be sitting, no one around and itll go off. since i dont have a key pad for it the only way to stop it is to go out and use the key to unlock the door, thats the only way to stop it. i was thinking of disconnecting mine but i really would like to keep it.

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    RE:Alarm keeps going off

    Sounds like a wiring problem... a sensor or a switch or maybe even a junction somewhere has gotten loose, shorted or something else.

    They can be tricky to find. Would be a LOT easier if you knew where to find a schematic for your alarm wiring (maybe someone on here knows where) if you find one then post it and I can probably tell you what to look at first (most likely to be broken)
    Yee haw

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    RE: Alarm keeps going off

    Mine did this tonight. I've been investigating a problem with my DS door ajar sensor. If I'm driving and turn right hard, the door will pull sufficiently away from the jamb to cause the sensor to open. Also sometimes when I put the window down while driving, sensor will open (causing door ajar chime and dome lights to illuminate). Might want to try disconnecting the wire harness from the door sensor/latch assembly and paperclipping the circuit closed to see if that fixes your alarm problem. I am assuming my sensor problem is what made my alarm freak out.

    I'm going to play around with my sensor some more tomorrow. I hate to MacGyver it up, but I'm not sure what else I can do. I was embarassed when I was driving my girl somewhere...I turn right, the car lights up and "ding ding ding!" and she's like "WTF"? Another option, I guess, would be to get an aftermarket microswitch at an eletronics store and mount it to the latch assy somehow.
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