My AC smells like vinegar!!
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Thread: My AC smells like vinegar!!

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    My AC smells like vinegar!!

    so i havent really used my AC or heat all summer, and recently it has been cold so i had to use my defrost and heater. Well the last couple of days it has smelt like vinegar, and not just a little bit, A LOT!

    Has anyone else had this problem with the AC or heater smelling like Vinegar?

    how can i get rid of it!?????

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    Re: My AC smells like vinegar!!

    I've never heard of a vinegar smell, but I've always noticed a distinct smell with ANY a/c system, I always called it the CFC smell. It could be the same thing you smell. Start by replacing your cabin air filter. Maybe even dropping your blower motor to inspect inside. Other than that, all I can suggest is using it often, hopefully it will work itself out.
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