Need help with faulty car alarm
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Thread: Need help with faulty car alarm

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    Confused Need help with faulty car alarm

    i have a 2000 cougar v6 recently the car alarm has been acting up. every time i leave the door locked the alarm will go haywire flashing and beeping. but i dont want to leave my car unlocked. can someone help me out with the best way to unhook the alarm completely or if there is a better way please give advice. i just wanted to get some insight before i go taking out fuses and or cutting wires.

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    Re: Need help with faulty car alarm

    One of the switches is probably bad, and it thinks someone is trying to steal the car. Pop the hood and look for a plunger on the left side - that's the sensor for the hood. If you push it a couple times, the alarm will go into a "test mode" where it will beep every time you do something. Open/close the hood, open/close the doors, and see if it doesn't beep for one of those.

    The test mode will automatically end after several minutes. With another beep.
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