Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?
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Thread: Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?

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    Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?


    Three are easy to get to, but the Bank 1 upstream oxygen (O2) sensor looks like a b**** to get to. Chilton's doesn't give a suggestion, so I was hoping someone here would.

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    Re: Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?

    Take off your coil pack and move the mega fuse over to the side. It's right there.
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    Re: Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?

    I used a short crescent(adjustable) wrench to get it out. It takes a little bit of muscle to break it free if it has never been off of the car though, just a heads up for you.

    The reason I used an adjustable wrench was because all the wrenches that were the exact size were way too long to fit in that cramped area!

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    Re: Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?

    I used an O2 socket to get mine. Unfortunantly, even with moving the engien harness and coil pack, I still found it to be a tight fit.
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    Re: Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?

    if you have a stubbie wrench you can get at it pretty easily from underneath the car
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    Re: Best way to get oxygen sensor off '99 2.5?

    When I changed mine it looked nearly impossible to get to it from underneath without removing a lot of stuff. I followed the factory manual instructions and removed the coil pack along with something else beside it (can't remember what). I was able to break the O2 sensor loose with a long wrench then screwed it out the rest of the way by hand. If it is very corroded, you may need a short wrench also to get it out.
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