Car got wet to get rid of the smell???
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Thread: Car got wet to get rid of the smell???

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    Car got wet to get rid of the smell???

    All right well we had a huge storm last week, didn't realize i left the windows and sunroof down on my black cougar.

    Well I finally it made it out to the car and found the entire floor board of the car soaked. It almost had standing water in it. I hit the car with a wet dry vac that night and throught I got most of the water out. Well it started to smell like dirty water. I cleaned the carpets yesterday and the smell is still there.

    Does anyone have a clue how to get rid of the smell completely. The smell has faded a little bit, but I don't want the car to keep this smell.

    I plan on renting a carpet cleaner tonight or tomorrow and completly cleaning the carpets. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    RE:Car got wet to get rid of the smell???

    Your carpet's backing is probably still wet from soaking in the rain. You need to remove all the moisture completely before mildew occurs. And unfortunately a wet/dry vac isn't strong enough. Either take your interior apart, remove the carpeting, and leave it out in the sun to dry or check your yellow pages for a cleaning company that deals with flood/water damage. They'll have a machine powerful enough to remove the water and odors. And since they usually do much larger projects (home carpeting repair), they should be able to give you a reasonable price for just a car.

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    RE:Car got wet to get rid of the smell???

    7 years ago when I was in college, a water main ruptured and flooded my car. The water level went up a few inches above the floor. I took the car to a detailer and they completely removed the carpet. The padding was junked because it can't really be cleaned without destroying it. So it was replaced after both sides of the carpet was steam cleaned. The place I took it to did it for about $250 (fortunately insurance covered it).

    By replacing the padding, I never had that dirty water smell again.
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    RE:Car got wet to get rid of the smell???

    Ok, I have 2 experiences to share with you!
    1--car had 60+ gallons of water in the cabin from a rainstorm. I cut the carpet to remove the water from underneath. Also, the seats were removed to dry. The car still smells when the windows are rolled up on a hot day. I also had the shifter freeze that winter due to water left in the line.

    Currently, I'm gutting my 4runner b/c of a smell I can't seem to locate.

    Here's what I've done:
    1. Remove and replace the carpet. The carpet has a jute padding on the underside that absorbs water like a sponge. Also, there is a rubber backing on the carpet, so if any water gets under the carpet, it's staying there.
    2. Painted the interior--may not be necessary in your case.
    3. Removed the seats. Used a bissell little green machine with pet and odor remover solution in the wash. Also used woolite pet and odor remover as a pretreater.
    4. Lysol--everywhere! On the headliner, metal...
    5. going to check the vents for mildew.

    You can do it yourself and save $. You have to get the carpet out, though. You have to see if there is going to be any mechanical problems b/c of the water.

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